originated within the past 3 years by renegade hackers in the south-west of europe, the word when first used was writtin by mistake by a computer programer in the game splinter cell, in one of the missions. the programmer was ment to put "Hello sam fisher" not "Eloo same fisher" now this is a commonly used word in internet chat rooms.
1337 man 7331: eloo D O G G
manic uber n00b: wad up homz
by eric park December 21, 2004
Top Definition
An Argentine onomatopeia created by a famous and well-known announcer named Fabian Cerfolio. The term is very popular in Argentina specially on a tv show called Duro de Domar (Roberto Pettinato) where it's used to emphazise something amazing and surprising. we could translate this expression this way: "what a madness"
Note: you can use it either with one (elO) or two "oo" (elOO)
eg; Que linda mujer eloo! What a beautiful lady eloo!
by Jhon Mitney May 28, 2006
short for hello,first used in chat rooms by an uber n00b
spaz no.1: eloo
spaz no.1: eloo to you to
by eric park December 21, 2004
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