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one of the most common JDM cars in import racing mainly because it's cheap and runs like stink. sadly the type r has been steryotyped as the typical ricer car which sometimes is the case because they put cheap parts on it from wal-mart while most of the time true tuner JDM drivers look hard for good parts that are usuley somewhat expensive and have swapped drivetrains from fron wheel to rear wheel for better power output and bodykit helps aerodynamics and looks cool while ricers just buy cheap interchangible bodykits that dont do shit
ricer: i just g0t my new b0dykit f0r my vtec y0!
tuner: i just swapped the drivetrain on my EK civic type r coupe it was expensive but the extra power is worth it
muscle: nice
ricer: hey you wanna race bet i can beat you
tuner: sure
(ricer walks to car)
muscle:this will be too easy for you why'd you say yes
tuner: to teach him a lesson on proper modification
by oh hai there April 09, 2011
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