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The town of East Greenbush, New York, as refered to by citizens of EG.
person 1: Hey where are you from?
person 2: Im from EG!
by JennieLynn May 09, 2005
27 52
An abbreviation for "exempli gratia," Latin for "for example."
by e-vis October 05, 2003
580 29
Definition: "For Example"

Originated from the Latin word: "exempli gratia"

See also: e.g.
<Shinosuke> I have friend! eg. err.. ermmm.......... ... hmm...
<Shinosuke . . .
<Shinosuke Fine. You win.
<Person1> Heh.
by Shinosuke May 13, 2004
339 47
Chassis code for a 1992-1995 Honda Civic. In the US, however, all "EGs" were really "EHs," as identified by the 4th and 5th digits of the VIN.
Damn, that guy has a sweet EG
by Andrew March 03, 2005
81 78
Abbreviation for Evil Grin
One day I am going to kill you. (EG)
by The Duke of Raoul August 14, 2010
22 26
The Evil Geniuses, a professional Starcraft II league. Includes famous players like IdrA and DeMuslim (who are currently Grandmasters), and is led by iNControl.
Is EG playing in the MLG tournament?
by Whatnao September 15, 2011
14 24
To pull out early.
To bench oneself from a sporting activity.
Yo dawg, my knee is smashed, I need to Eg.

Don't worry baby, I'll Eg.
by Pablo Vasquez November 23, 2010
19 29
one who uses paper to satisfy her needs. their fringe also produces its own sweat, along with the sweat off her head which they produce in large amounts. one who is a horse and eats horse, prefers it to be sweaty hay. one who is a work theif because all their mind thinks about is hay and otters. one who is best friends with a gobbers.
"look at that e.g, thats a respectable trot"
by iamachicken May 08, 2008
12 22