short form for eastern european. typically this classifies anyone who is a savage, brute, into witchcraft or eats cabbage soup all day, gypsies etc.
Gabriel: Yo Tyler i just ate this whole horse...raw
Tyler: man, thats so EE of you, you gotta take it easy
Gabriel: i know...
by trueEE August 18, 2011
an acronym for Eat Eat and is usually used in a sexual way. It is also another way to describe oral sex.
Danny: I had a girl over last night and she was giving me the EE

Kevin: The girls at the party were giving EE
by Chi_23 February 17, 2014
EE is shortening for Evil Empire. It can be used as a cheer, greeting, charge or approval.
-In this world, only the brutal people can survive.
-Ofc! EE!

-Oh, this picture looks so dark! EE!!!
by scorpioevil April 26, 2010
Abbreviation for employee, usually plural
"How many ees did Bear Stearns have,anyway?"
by Skip Mendler March 26, 2008
1.To be Un-amused
2.To be angry
Tim:Why does beyonce's song goes to left to the left? Cause Blacks have no rights!
Sheniqua: e.e asshole

My mother just gave away my turtle! What a bitch e.e
by Your mom.~* December 27, 2007
An exclamation with good or bad connotations.
Hey Allison, Patricks coming over .. Alison "EE!"
by Patrick March 02, 2005
The Shonian equivalent of 'yes' or 'I agree'.
One: "Are you ok?"
Two: "Ee"
by evilcourtney September 05, 2004

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