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' A show on youtube with this 3 girls named 'Eye'; 'Cee' & 'Cee' . yu mostly see 'Eye' & 'Cee' . They run around qivin' shout outs ; a word they use( that they made up ) is called BAMBOOZLED. <-- seach iht . They been around for 4 years . Started with EyeCeeMoments . But got introuble by Carusi M.S in 2008 for having a video that violated a student named 'Edward Washington' and youtube was deletd . Then ECTworld was born . With a new member named tajahne . There real names are Imani-eye ; Christina- cee ; and Tajahne - tee ( ect ).

check them out on youtube/ectworld
OMG . did yu hear about what that show on youtube did.


Well check dem out they are ECTworld. They bamboozle poeple.
by ECTworld May 02, 2009

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