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(yee-see-fr-uhm-pee-ay)* |Adjective| Used to describe one who is in all ways wholly immobile, dependent on others, and cannot move to other locations without help from outer forces. Also, can be used to describe one who is totally ignorant of how incredibly helpless he/her would be without aid from his/her friends. For origination of this word scroll down.

*This word originates from urban slang often found in cities with large populations of African American and Latino ethnicities. "EC" stands for Eric Chang, the first human to openly show the aforementioned characteristics. "PA" stands for the town Palo Alto, where Eric Chang lived his slow and notoriously motionless life.
Beezy #1: Wudup honey babe?
Beezy #2: I'm waitin fa mah bf to come an fuckin pick me up, I cant get him to go fuckin anyplace widout takin him maself.
Beezy #1: Shit girrrll he's a fuckin EC from PA huh..?
Beezy #2: Damn fuckin straight he is.
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