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A game played by some EBayers, in which you pump the bid of a normally-priced item to ludicrous prices (often in the hundreds of thousands) while trying to avoid being the one that ends up with the final bid, and thus having to pay the over-inflated price.
Hmm, there's no bids on that item! Why don't we have a game of EBay Roulette?
by Dave August 01, 2004
A game taking place on the popular auction site in which players choose an item they have no interest in buying or owning and bid on it anyway, hoping that they will be outbid before the auction ends and they won't end up having to pay for it.
John: "Dude, you wanna play some eBay Roulette?"
Eric: "Sure, I'm gonna bid on this Boy George album."
John: "Damn. Feeling risky today, aren't ya?"
by ClitSniper January 08, 2011
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