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everything over bitches.
e.o.b. fa life son, fuck hoz.
by master planter April 13, 2009
Education Over Bitches
Person 1: M.O.B. all day! Money over bitches!
Person 2: Hell naw jo, E.O.B. all day. Educuation Over Bitches.
by Jim Patrick September 30, 2009
End of Brooklyn. A company started by Ian Rotundo, a tattoo artist and designer out of Brooklyn.
Have you seen the latest EoB tattoo? Dude's sick! Im waiting for the next EoB shirt to come out. Hope its a V-neck again.
by Don Piper August 27, 2012
Expressions Of a Bomber. My crew rocking da east coast brooklyn
Graffiti person 1: yo wut crew u in ur shit looks good
EOB person: nucca eob repping dese streets da way its meant to be done
by SONO reppin eob April 16, 2006