everything over bitches.
e.o.b. fa life son, fuck hoz.
by master planter April 13, 2009
Top Definition
Education Over Bitches
Person 1: M.O.B. all day! Money over bitches!
Person 2: Hell naw jo, E.O.B. all day. Educuation Over Bitches.
by Jim Patrick September 30, 2009
End of the business day
E.O.B. Monday
End of the business day Monday
by Burunh January 09, 2016
End of Brooklyn. A company started by Ian Rotundo, a tattoo artist and designer out of Brooklyn.
Have you seen the latest EoB tattoo? Dude's sick! Im waiting for the next EoB shirt to come out. Hope its a V-neck again.
by Don Piper August 27, 2012
Expressions Of a Bomber. My crew rocking da east coast brooklyn
Graffiti person 1: yo wut crew u in ur shit looks good
EOB person: nucca eob repping dese streets da way its meant to be done
by SONO reppin eob April 16, 2006
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