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(n) a hot, messy load blown onto a webcam during cyber relations

(v) to blow a hot, messy load towards and or onto a webcam during cyber relations
ex) (n) Dude, it took forever to clean the E-load off of my webcam last night.

ex) (v) Dude, I E-loaded all over your sister last night man!
by Neal Jetherop Peters July 19, 2011
it's an electronic transfer of cellphone credit (mostly used by prepaid mobile users) to a particular cellphone number and being paid by cash. this term is most popular to Filipinos.
pare, san dito ang nagpapa-eload?
by Jehd Lomocso July 10, 2006
Refers to the number of emails a person has on their system, thereby is a measure of the amount of work they have to do.
"Crikey I've got a huge eload at the moment"
by Andrew Smith April 25, 2005
To put something that someone said to you over AIM in your away message. Usually something you said as a joke but he put it up and made it look like you are serious.
away message: screen name 1: has stevie wonder ever had a blind date?
screen name 2: yes
screen name 3: all of em are
by ksahfahg July 17, 2005