Another Lads sayin.

This is a shortened 'eyyyyyy' its pronounced like 'e' asin the children alphabet, its not a capital letter,its low case. its not pronouced 'e dot' or 'E.' or written as a capital.

Although the dot is there, and it does have to be there, it is ignored.

Its in the 'chinns n grinns', 'chinnwag', 'eoc.' 'just general' 'f'tlads' and 'urban treat' series

But is infact an origional.
its sort of like an agreeing word, like if uve made a fair point, or a good joke, or if i cant fault u.

You sorta raise your hand at them aswell to show uve 'given em it'

its kind of respect, and its like to show u aknowledge them

N it sounds like ur gonna say eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, but u missed the y's off.

So its quick n snappy

u can also say it in an aqward situation, or if your stuck for words, e.

Oh yeah its strictly british, americans just wouldnt understand.
'ey up son' said dave
'now then' replied chinnyman
'you watch partridge last night?' asked dave
'e.' replied chinnyman

'open your planers, its science homework!' said mr atkisnon
'e.' Nello replied
by marcston mate January 02, 2008
E is a type of drug that, once swallowed, will make you seem a horse to everybody but yourself, 1.5 will turn you into a white stallion, and 2 will turn you into a unicorn.
Leslie swallowed an E pill and suddenly, everybody saw a horse instead of Leslie.
by Whoooooooooo1800 February 16, 2010
usually known as a rave or party drug
but is more often being used more frequently in smaller settings

when you pop you usually feel it after half an hour/an hour
depending on how much you take and what you actually took

the effects are fucken amazing haha
you feel so free and lightweight
everything is pretty much godly
every light is intensified
every touch feels so good
it seems so much easier to talk to people and to share things
nothing's out of bounds

oh; and the crash
probably the worst thing ever lmao
your body feels like crap, mad headache,everything sucks

is the high worth the crash?
just make sure you make the most of it; have friends around, make sure you don't have any intense plans for the next day
don't mix it, if your going to be beaning don't drink or smoke, it makes it that much worse
Me and Jason popped some doubestacked blue hurricanes at 7:30pm at a party and were awake until 10am the next day cleaning someone's house.
by vickytoria_20 January 07, 2009
E, a street-term for MDMA. Short for Ecstasy or Ecstacy. Otherwise known as XTC, E-bomb,X, and many others. Known for it's uplifting feeling, it does have long-term effect such as holes in your spine, brain, and also discontent. People sell DXM & LSD as Ecstasy. Street prices run from 8-25$, and can have pretty little designs to make you want to buy them. Such a Mercedes, Buddha, and all other fun things. Commonly known as a 'rave' drug, but you could use it anywhere. People take it just to get girls numbers, but it's harder for a man to get an erection on E. Drink wanter if taking it, but be very careful not to over-drink people. Avoid taking a shower for a long period of time, temperatures change. The biggest effect of Ecstasy is .. How do you say .. Loving(ness.) You will have an urge to hug people, trust me.
Yo, hookitup on the downlow.
Need some E, fool -- Shit.
by Hazey February 13, 2004
Extacy, scientifically known as:
3,4 methyldioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
An amphetamine which affects the central nervous system. Speeds up heartbeat, teeth clench, muscle spasms and overheating are its side effects. Currently one of the fastest growing illicit substances in the United States.
"I pop four e's at one time, and i don't need water when i'm swallowing mine" -Purple Pills
by Web250 January 15, 2004
A bad grade at The Ohio State University, the only school where you can fail a class but never get an "f". Word is this was changed at some point because someone complained that it was "politically incorrect" to use f and skip the letter e. Who knew.
Dammit! I got an "e" in Bio 101.
by Skeeterdrums January 02, 2008
One with a very strange or different personality or habit.
<Person 1> You know that girl that thinks she's Lady Gaga
<Person 2> Yeah, she's so E
by Nyves December 07, 2011
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