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emo heart. someone got sick and tired of the crappy <3 used by the preps and the emos, so, in order to make fun of emos, an E> was made.
"aw, don't break my whiny E>"
by Tayarisha March 24, 2005
42 33
The non way to show affection towards a man friend; Bromance
Dude thanks for the free taco bell E>
by Muli July 19, 2011
8 1
a better way to describe <3, because emo kids ruined <3.

and now <3 sucks.

and plus, <3 can be turned into 3> which is an ass hat.
harry: hey shelby, i love you
shelby: i love you too E>
by harry July 19, 2005
31 29