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An abbreviation for an Ecuadorian native, who receives that nickname out of respect.
"yo what's up ECI"

by Trickdatkid October 18, 2009
The most badass server on Everquest
You play on Rallos Zek? you piece of crap pay 50 bucks for the transfer to E'ci
by Damaddar August 09, 2004
Ethnically Confused Individual. Usually pronounced eesi but also can be eeki
"Hey Bobby look at that E.C.I."
"What a retard. Hahaha."
by The Thri11 December 13, 2009
The greatest school ever , in Toronto's central Etobicoke neighbourhood .

Etobicoke Collegiate Institute
Me : so where are you heading next year ?
Guy : ECI yo , gonna be bomb .
Me : that rules eh , i'm pumped for you !
by ETOBICOKE RULES February 09, 2008
A hardass server from Everquest
E'ci is where Alkrun, a giant faggot that rips off Something Awful and still uses a 1.5 year old gimmick named Fiesta-Cat, is from.

Also see: Alkrun
by Rrail June 06, 2006
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