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A dance move derived from the hand drying action of a Dyson Airblade.

Only occurring just prior to a 'bassline drop'. The move consists of rising both arms slowly with both wrists limp and at a 90° angle, the duration of the rise is dependent on the length of the drop.

However if the drop is of a sizeable length there is the optional act of pre-washing the hands (made by ringing hands together) and soap dispensing (an up and down pump with one hand).

The move is then completed with a full 'skanking' when the tune finally drops.

The move is best done in synchronization with a group of people, and is scheduled to be a big move in the dubstep scene.
*During the start of 'No Problem' - Chase & Status*

Leader: "get ready for the drop boy's...Dyson sweep!"

!st Commander: "It's a long drop boss, this calls for optional pre-wash!!"
by Grand Master Skank February 28, 2011