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A rag-tag group of soccer hooligans found at Purdue University. This soccer club in a member of the intramural sports league but have been known to play in friendly matches against both clubs and countries. The most interesting facet of the club is that their most rabid fans make up a majority of the clubs active roster. If beaten on the field, they will make sure the opposition gets their ass beaten off the field. While the amount of goals scored by this team may not be very high, it can be guaranteed that every member of the team will be.

Main Rivals:
El Furia Roja, Chelsea FC, all law enforcement agencies
"We should have never beaten Dynamo Sativa, that rag-tag group of hooligans really kicked the shit out of us in that alley by the fields."
- Some Ass Hole who beat Dynamo Sativa

"Did you see the amount off efforty Dynamo Sativa put out on the field today, they must have been high as balls."
- Rabid Fan
by norte refers May 05, 2010
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