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An infamously annoying and testosterone-laced ex-KFCC and Rodan's Roost memeber..
Dynamo Robo was banned from KFCC and Rodan's Roost for just being a plain jackass.
by Jules Carrozza January 14, 2004
2 1
describing how a retarded person walks. As though they look like a wind up toy dinosaur
by adams mom June 08, 2003
2 1
Pumping a woman so fast during sex her voice shudders like she's being electricuted.
"That guy Adam pulled a Dynamo Robo on me last night," said Eliza "it was electrifying!"
by Adam Milicevic June 06, 2003
3 4
A person or persons who creates bad DVD cover art.
This DVD must have been designed by a Dynamo Robo.
by Tohru Fujisawa June 09, 2003
1 3