A girl vietnamese name. Usually smart and friendly. She helps everyone when they need help.
K:"Duyen is the best quadruplet ever!!!!"
A:"I know!!"
by mini karen January 29, 2009
another term for an ugly ass bitch who's weird and short as hell and tries to deny the fact she's a lesbian when its pretty obvious her boyfriends a hetero she tries to hide the fact that she eats cats and is an attention whore.
1) my small bundle of fluff is having a duyen.

2) She knew how horribly duyen it was.

3)we should go to the zoo and see some duyens in their natural habitat.
by wowyousuckstfu October 18, 2010
A whore who loves to suck Davey Cockett's weiner fricken 24/7. She loves that COCK!
What the hell is a Duyen?
by Michael Straube October 29, 2004

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