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is the New-Age Native Tongue, also know as The Hobbyshop Hero

The Super Emcee (Slash) Beat Fanatic (Producer) has been releasing music on a World wide scale since 1998.

He is 1/3 of the Underground hiphop Super group Equilibrium (Celph Titled, Majik Most & Dutchmassive) from Tampa Bay, Florida.

Released his debut solo album "Junk Planet" in 2004 on Freshchest Records & his Sophomore Lp titled "Crush Your System" on the world renown RAWKUS RECORDS in 2007

A Demigodz affiliate & one of the original member of the very exclusive Super Producer crew "Beat Fanatic" (SlopFunkDust, Illmind, M-phazes, Dela, Rik Marvel, Matt Naso, Rek-one (R.I.P.), Mekka don, Dutchmassive, Mo0, Jake-One, DJ Rhrettmatic, S1, DJ Roddy Rod, 9th Wonder, Spon, Dj Blenda, Kay of the Foundation, Dj Cozmos, etc]

Dutchmassive is Defined by the Music he creates which can best be heard at his internet Treehouse Hideout a.k.a. Dutchmassive.Bandcamp(dot)com

Fun Fact: "Dutch" is Dutchmassive's Birth name

Dutchmassive - "Junk Planet" (1997-2002)

Dutchmassive - "Crush Your System"

Other Dutchmassive albums to look for:
+ Music 2 Sleep To...

+ Romanticizing

+ The DrumLove EP

+ Project: REACH

+ Quit Work Make Music

+ The NEXT Final Fantasy
by HalfManHalfAmazing November 05, 2010