When a person shits on the ground, usually inside a bathroom. Then the said person waits to observe the result of their action with the result usually being another person stepping on the dookey bomb and swearing.
I layed an dutch landmine on the road; i wonder if anyone stepped on it.

I layed an egg.
by MAH boi PSEUDONYM November 06, 2010
Top Definition
(noun) An upside-down cup that holds a fart.

(verb) The act of farting in to a cup, then immediately placing it upside down on a table. This action will trap the odor for the unfortunate fool who decides to pick up the cup.
(verb) Grandma is so gross, she dutch land mined Todd yesterday.

(noun) I can't believe that Robert used the dutch land mine to make his coffee.
by GroverSMB October 14, 2009
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