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to pull-out and cum on a girls stomach. In the process of spraying your ever-dieing kids on her, you throw up five fingers on one hand and the thumb on your other hand, simultaneously.

Signaling six-points for the touchdown you just splashed on her.
The scoring system is as follows:
You have a lifetime running total you must keep with yourself and friends.
If you miss her completely, or fail to achieve contact above the belly button, your total remains at 6 points.
If you get it on her face, you have successfully completed a two-point conversion and your total is now 8
If you make it on her chest or stomach its an extra point for a total of 7.
Last night while I was smashing my girlfriend, I pulled out and decided to go for two. I threw up my 6 fingers to signify my dutch touchdown but my kids landed on the sheets wide left. Leaving me with an unsuccessful point after attempt only giving me a 6 point night.
by Splashmaster December 30, 2012
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