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A torture technique in which you hit a male in the back of the balls with a knot, foot, balled chain, etc. to induce excruciating pain. Better used when one strips down and restrains said victim so they have no way to protect themselves.
In OO7: Casino Royale James Bond is Dutch Scratched as a form of torture to get a password. Le Chiffre decided to use Dutch Scratching as the way to torture him because he wanted to humiliate Bond.
by DMShocker27 May 01, 2011
10 4
An awkward form of torture in which the torturer strips down their victim bare naked (usually of the male gender), sits them down in a seat-less chair, and uses something like a knotted rope to hit the victim in the back of the nuts or in the perineum (area between the scrotum and the anus; the taint or gooch).
Your brother likes to go Dutch Scratching?

In Casino Royale the bad guy ends up Dutch Scratching James Bond to torture him to get a code.
by DMShocker27 May 15, 2011
12 7