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Pennsylvanian boaters who go into the surrounding states and take over that state's boat launching facilities, waters and natural resources with total disregard of local etiquette and custom.
The Dutch Navy invaded the Gunpowder River this weekend and not a crab was to be had afterwards!
#unrefined boaters #pennsylvainians #rude boaters #interlopers #resource hogs
by badbean January 08, 2009
Similar to a dutch rudder, except the boatsmen form an unbroken circle. Each member of the navy holds their own penis as well as the formarm of the seaman to the right of them and operate their rudder by moving their hand up and down. One member must be appointed "rear-admiral", and it is their responsibility to call out "1-2-3, row!" to guide the masturbation.
We had a 10 man Dutch Navy going on last night when the Rear Admiral called out, "FIRE THE TORPEDOES!"
#dutch #rudder #navy #rear #admiral #masturbation #circle jerk #circle #jerk #dutch rudder #dutch rowboat #rowboat
by Big Dick Danielson May 17, 2012
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