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A kiss for everyone.
A kiss for tolerance.
A kiss that can be exchanged at any time, anywhere, between anyone

The kiss that lasts forever.
Sometimes innocent, sometimes naughty… full of lust!

But always from the heart.

This Valentine, let’s spread the Dutch Kiss
If you believe love is a fundamental right for everyone
And every person may choose who they love, without restriction
- The Dutch Kiss between Madonna and Britney was inspiring!
- I just got a Dutch Kiss... from my dog
by Walldorfman January 15, 2014
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A kiss given after oral sex, from one partner to the other, where which, the male ejaculate is swapped from mouth to mouth. Often preformed without the male partners concent when he forgets to give a curtecy tap
-Lucy gave me a Dutch Kiss the other night.. it was gross!
-Eww dude! you let her?
-No man, i forgot to tell her before I finished..
-Oh, well then you deserved it..
by Nikolie-olie February 08, 2008
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To kiss different parts of the body other than the lips especially while naked.
Want to Dutch kiss?
by Deep Blue 2012 August 17, 2009
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Giving your guy the benefit of a very passionate kiss while you're being worked on and brought to climax by another.
Kieth could tell from the intensity of Sylvia's Dutch Kiss that she was very close to orgasm from Kevin's fine tongue work!
by Kiss_and_be_Kissed October 17, 2009
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