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Similar to a "Dutch Oven". Farting in a completely enclosed auto. It is essential that the offender have access to complete control of the windows and doors. Hop in your car with a friend, unload your methane cargo, and lock all windows and doors, giving your friend a "Dutch Car",
Went to Taco Bell over lunch, on our way to a 3:00 meeting, I gave Jimmy a Dutch Car. He wasn't too happy.
#dutch #fart #car #stink #cropdusting
by Skip Leo February 05, 2009
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When the driver of any vehicle farts, and then proceeds to lock the windows and subject the passengers to the smell.

Can also be doubly effective when using the childproof locks on the doors, so they cannot escape.
Kylie: My boyfriend gave me a surprise Dutch car earlier today. I thought I was going into asphyxia, it was so bad.
Penelope: *scoff* Men.
#dutch oven #fart #smelly #funny #car
by CannibalHannibal September 26, 2011
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