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The act of farting in the womans mouth while receiving a rim job.
after using the bathroom, john received a rim job from sally in which he asked, "Sally are you ready for the breeze of the dusty wind tunnel?"
by Turd Furgeson September 22, 2007
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Dusty Wind Tunnel \ˈdəs-tē ˈwind ˈtə-nəl\

An elusive phrase only recently recovered by modern day intellectuals, the Dusty Wind Tunnel is a pleasurable experience for all parties. Initiated by several deep thrusts into the receiver's anus, the tunnel (anal cavity) must be enlarged by the shaft before the process may continue. The receiver of the penis will now be feeling quite loose and must start searching for the sensation that indicates that flatulence will soon erupt. As this sensation grows stronger, it should be indicated to the partner so that the thrusts can grow in intensity and strength. As the fart leaves the butthole, it should be expelled with as much force as possible for the maximum level of pleasure. In one great show of anal queefing, a fart cloud engulfs and rushed past the throbbing cock thus creating the effigy of a Dusty Wind Tunnel.
As Marco is plunging deep into Jordan's squishy anus, Jordan's bowels conduct in orchestra of flatulence that envelop Marco's erect penis, producing the Dusty Wind Tunnel effect.
by the_plunger69 September 25, 2014

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