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A sexual act where one partner empties a can or bottle of Miller Genuine Draft onto their partner mid-coitus then rips open a vacuum bag and dumps that onto their lover. Commonly yelling DUSTY MILLER immediately after.
I Dusty Millered my girlfriend last night. She thought it was hilarious.
by Lanny Del Rey June 22, 2012
When you cover your junk in flour and slap a girl in the face with it.
I gave her the 'ol dusty miller last night.
by MeatBox14 December 11, 2010
a man pours a bag of flour on a girl after he cums on her
Do you have any flour, i want to give some girl a dusty miller?
by joe joe joe joe jjjjjj August 22, 2010
when you cum on a girls face and then pour a bag of flour on her head
Kid 1: Why is there flour all over the floor?
Kid 2: Because last night I gave my girlfriend a dusty miller.
by werui1237 August 21, 2010
When you fart into someones mouth and they inhale deeply.
Jen gave Nick a dusty miller last night.
by Brendon L. May 14, 2008
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