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The act of performing sexual intercourse while midair in a class 4 or 5 tornado/hurricane.
I hate all these people complaining about hurricane Katrina. That was the best Dusty Dorthy I have had in my life!
by ballsackforlife April 28, 2009
The act of performing sexual intercourse in a class 4 or 5 hurricane/tornado. generally this act is consensual; however cases have been reported, where the woman has been tricked into going outside with the man, while she is unaware of the tornado/hurricane, and before she has time to realize it she is in the midst of the winds being stripped. this non-consensual event is called yellow brick rape, or the straw man rape-down (slang)

although this event is rather uncommon about 1-3 cases of this act are reported each year by both spectators, and performers. mainly in middle America states.

Survivors of this act take a lot of pride in successfully and safely executing this act, and blogs are created to talk about what it was like, since so few people have the opportunity to perform a Dusty Dorthy.
I don't know why everyone was complaining about Hurricane Katrina, that was the best Dusty Dorthy of my life.
by playforkeeps May 02, 2009