A fat, lazy asswipe. Who never showers or brushes his teeth. Completely A-sexual.
A pizza-faced virgin.
You can ring grease out of his hair.
Animal abuser.
Lying, two faced, sociopath.
Never goes to the dentist, and definately needs dentures and a toothbrush.
Oblivious to alcohol theives.
EW, did you see his teeth...FUCKING DURTLE!
Why does your house smell like a dumpster, must of been a durtle!
by The_sweetest_BITCHullEVERmeet August 14, 2011
Top Definition
A cross between a duck and a turtle commonly found on the video games mario 1 and 3.
Durtles are the source of all evil
by _-anonymous-_ July 31, 2006
a dead turtle
peson 1: yo look at that!
person 2: what is it?
peson 1: its a dead turtle.
person 2: a turtle? dont you mean a durtle?
peson 1: YEAH!!
by ymairol July 24, 2009
1. Someone who fucks as slow as a turtle

2. A dirty Turtle
"God man. your mother is a durtle!"
by Kasserole098 March 15, 2010
A turtle which says "dur." Created by Drew of Left-handed toons (by right-handed people) in his bad comic challenge.
James: Did you see Drew's bad comic challenge?
Greg: Yeah, that durtle was the most adorable thing ever.
by JammyToast March 07, 2011

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