1. someone who does stupid things.

2. Some one who is stupid and horny.

3. Charles
Oh dat guy is such a durrent
#durrent #chaz #mate #horny #dumb
by Tekno-kid January 15, 2008
Top Definition
Durrent is an expression to express excitement, anger, confusion, or astonishment. Diggi is often put before it for more emphasis.
At home.
Guy 1: Yo I need 50 bucks for electric.
Guy 2: Holy durrent! Alright.

In a club.
Girl 1: You wanna come back to my place?
Guy 1: Diggi-Durrent let's go.

At a party.
Guy 1: Don't hit on her she's my ex.
Guy 2: Durrent.
#dang #damn #shit #fuck #darn #bollocks
by Wilbury March 11, 2010
1. A person acting a fool.
2. The gospel according to Durrent.
3. Also known as Charles.
4. A person acting in a horny manner.
1. Praise be the DURRENT.
2. I like to DURRENT, DURRENT.
3. Damn boy, your such a DURRENT.
#durrent #charles #gospel #jesus #kid durrent #durrent boy
by jake durrent January 18, 2008
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