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Durrani (Pashto: دراني‎) or Abdali (Pashto: ابدالی‎) is the name of a pakhtuns tribe.

The Durranis have been prominent leaders, as the royal family of Afghanistan is derived from this tribe, and a substantial number of Durrani Pashtuns are bureaucrats and public officials, as well as businessmen, wealthy merchants and hold high ranks in the military.

Today they are known to be highly succesful and nice entrepreneurs. They're very good looking men and women that make excellent socialists, judges, doctors, lawyers and especially spouses and beaus. They are amazing people. They ate truly the best group of people in the Pashtun, Sindhi and other era. Love them fully.
Person 1: who's that guy?

Person 2: the rich dude there? He's hot, right?

Person 1: yeah who is he?

Person 2: he's a Durrani.
by Yippee1245 December 31, 2012
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