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a middle school located in Cobb county, Georgia next to Frey elementary school. where all the white kids try to act black and popularity means more than anything else. you will not be socially accepted in this school unless you wear nike and under amour. the 7th graders think they are much more mature than the 6th graders, when they were 6th graders a few months ago. everyone thinks half of the teachers are gay, but they are actually married. girls go to school stating "Ugg season", wearing cheap Walmart shoes. this school is district for Harrison and Allatoona high school. Both are known for drug use and having sex in the bathrooms during class change. Harrison is highly populated in gays and homosexuals. Durham is where kids think academic club is a sport. This is also in the state where if there is one snow flurry sighted, all the schools get shut down for a week.
"What middle school did you go to?"
"Durham middle school."
"Oh... I'm sorry.."
by lolwutdidyousay July 28, 2013
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