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A phenomenon where people with little knowledge or skill think they know more or have more skill than they do. This occurs while simultaneously overlooking and/or underestimating the knowledge and skills of those involved in the task at hand.
The Cooker: "Why does the Old Man always tell us how to live our lives?"
Pete Dick: "I believe he is suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect."
by Pete Dick September 11, 2008
A condition where a person so dumb, that he fails to realise how dumb he actually is. Frankly, lacking the competence to identify incompetence - often resulting is immense self-confidence and talking massive cock.
bimbo: "I don't eat crabs coz they kill it when it's alive, it's cruel to do that."
dude: "that's the dunning-kruger effect for ya."
by Infected_Banana May 13, 2016
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