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(due to the extensive social limits that Dunklex can be acceptably used, all current know definitions of Dunklex are posted here.)

the act of committing extreme acts of homosexuality; the act of complaining (see bitching ) to other acquaintances while having no reason to do so; the act of talking loud and then yelling about how you're not loud; the act of having no morals yet somehow not using religion (see dumb-assery ) in any offensive language (except for improper pronunciation); the act of creating subsequent double standards while failing to admit doing so; the act of being mentally and/or physically challenged ( see retarded and dumb-ass ); the act of traveling to a camp (see prison ) where racist persons may resolve inner problems with counselors (see prison guard ); the act of loving socially unacceptable Japanese anime; the act of calling other fat while also being fat; the act of raising voice frequency by 7 octaves when enraged by socially unacceptable causes (see bitching )
Dunklex Phrase patterns studied from the American Subsequent Special Research And Position Examination (2008-2009):
"I'm loud? NO I'M NOT"

"why is that douche-bag being such a Dunklex? "
"i didn't know that Dunklex's had balls."
"Dunklex goes to an ethnic equality camp?"
"why is Dunklex screaming at that small Cuban child?"
by arkandy November 28, 2009