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Drunk as a concrete mother possum. Wandering down the street in a blizzard, peeing in the road, knocking on doors and being arrested by cop who is part of a tv show, so the whole world can see how drunk you are AND then signing the release form.
Begun in Akron Ohio, made popular by the Soup.
"Dude, your mom just drank a 30 pack of Pabst in 12 minutes! She is drink, drank, drunk."

"Nah man, that's my moms your talking about. She's DUNKA DOO BALLS! Let's get her out of the street."
by Baron Von Blucher, MD April 06, 2010
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washin yur nuts in the sink after havin anal with a skank..
Man last night was rough, came home with a skank, fucked and once I woke up I had to DUNKA DOO BALLS
by Miguel G January 04, 2011

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