Home to The Crew. This is a great place to walk around with a cig in one hand and a beer in the other at 2 in the morning looking for dro with your best friends. Cops don't care about Dunedin. Also, with the local Dodge's Chicken Store, you can go grab a beer whenever you want. Believe it or not, in the trailors of Dunedin, this is where you can find the crazist "gangsta's" and "white trash". It doesn't matter if you're underage, or don't have an ID. The Oasis Foods(when some people are working) will sell you smokes if you make it LOOK like they're checking your ID for the camera's. Party all day, party all night. Great place to go trolling.*see trolling for more details*
guy2: It's ok, dude. We'll go get more.
guy1: Where? It's 1 in the morning.
guy2: Dude, let's just go to Dunedin. We'll be back before sunrise.
guy1: Great idea. Dunedin is the greatest place for that!
by ~Promise~ June 21, 2009
1. second largerst city in South Island of New Zealand
2. derived from Gaelic word for Edinburgh (Dunedain); hence, gotta bit of scotland feel to it
3. famous for its university; University of Otago (yeya)
except for uni, its a shithole full of white-trash and boozing
Mayor Sukhi Turner- Dunedin is a beautiful city, Edinburgh of South!
poor Uni student- yeah right this place is a shit hole!
by dunnazman December 13, 2004
A place in the tampa bay area of florida

The best place to live ever

A little town that practiccally no one knows about it
"Lets go throurh dunedin" "ok"

"How long have you lived in th litttle town of dunedin" ""4ever"
by d-shiznit 010101 June 18, 2009

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