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A medical condition in which the infected exhibit some or all qualities of that of a dune coon. Although rare, there have been fatal cases. DCI for short.
Me: Have you seen Adam lately? He's acting a little duney.
Wayne: Yea, I noticed that too. I'm no doctor but this might be a case of some serious dune coon itis
Me: That sounds about right, what a little poon.
by Sloppy 10s January 20, 2009
25 13

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A disease that is only found in the middle causes the dune coons..aka sand niggers to want to blow themselves the fuck up. there for alot of dune coons have it hence all the suicide bombing all over the place..
that fucking sand nigger had dune coonitis..good thing he is cured because he blew himself the fuck up..thats also one less dune coon we have to worry about.
by dunecoon69 February 20, 2011
4 3