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Someone who is unusually fat and short at the same time. It does not have anything to do with a dumpster or being dirty. It is very similar to a chode, a penis that is fatter than it is long. Many girls can be called dumpy even if they are just a little bit squat.
"I don't know what you were thinkin last night dude, that flooz was dumpy as hell. Were you blind - she was like 5'1" with a gut. She was pretty much Yoda."
by bTreezy October 13, 2006
Slang for Blumpkin
My girlfriend doesn't like the word blumpkin because her parents over hear us talking so we say dumpy. Once I said to her "Hey let's go to the men's room for some dumpies"
by Joel B. Meyer October 18, 2012
adjective- an expression used to describe feelings of euphria and joy. Excitment is also a common usage of the word.Dumpies is also a good thing, it can be anything.
I said "Dumpies sauce" as I hit the jump shot.

That touchdown pass was dumpies.

Dumpies sauce all over your face!

by Erik Geffken January 16, 2007
When your booty sticks out further than the back of your head.
Or just a fat ass.
You see dat booty? She got a dumpy bruh!!!
by byrotanious December 12, 2011
Taking a selfie while taking a dump
"Let me take a dumpy"
by My 3 sons June 14, 2014
It is an adjective that can be used in multiple ways. The main use of the word is for negatives reasons. Whether you are calling someone stupid, weird, gross, disgusting, skanky. You can use dumpy to diss your friends if they say something stupid, if your feeling gross, if you think someone is gross, or if you think someone is skanky or a slut.
Ryan: I masturbate to All American Rejects er day.
Adam: Oh my gosh you are sooo fuckin dumpy, shut up..

Jewls: Ugh Im so sweaty and gross from practice I feel so dumpy.

Grover: Hey did you see that gross girl with the skirt that was so short it could be a belt.
Renee: Yaa!! She looks like a dumpy hoe!
by Shanaynayy September 26, 2011
Dowdy and Frumpy. Applies to wannabe cougars who just can't pull it off.
I heard she was hot but she was dumpy. Not enough money in the world to make me touch that!
by yeahitsmeagain August 18, 2010
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