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When you attatch a pair of stilts to your feet (Must be 3 feet or longer) and take a dump on somebodys head. Best if done to an unsuspecting victim.
I once saw Manute Bol Dumple Stiltskin on a man's head... WITH NO STILTS!!!
by Den Gilmanderson September 25, 2006
A creature not of this world, but user of its bathrooms. When it's done it leaves behind terror; terror and a basketball sized chocolate mud-baby.
"Dumple-Stilt-Skin just annihilated the boy's bathroom!!!!"
(Watch Robot Chicken to see this creature)
by G.I. Joe and J.K.-47 November 04, 2006
When one takes a dump which has terds so long and tall that they appear to stand, as if on stilts, straight up in the toilet. a true dumplestiltskin must be two such terds, preferably with the heads peeking above the water level.
I took a dumplestiltskin today that was so tall i thought it was going to run after me when i flushed!
by Johnny Egglehouser March 03, 2014
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