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The act of informing one's peers on the texture, consistency, length, and general description of the sick dump they just took. The Bristol Stool Scale is the preferred nomenclature for any dumpdates given.

1. Dan dumpdates us on his sick turds all the time. He's a real poop scholar.


1. Here's the latest dumpdate, gentlemen. 3" T2 and a 3" T1 supercluster. Translators note: supercluster is exactly what it sounds like dumbass.
by ukohaK May 15, 2014
Noun) A date that one purposely goes into to gain the satisfaction of dumping someone.

The length of the relationship can range from a breakup on the same day as the dump date, or months down the line.

Usually, the longer one maintains the relationship, the greater the satisfaction of breaking up.
Hey man, I'm going out for a dump date, it'll be a quick-fix though, I'll probably break up with her tonight, I don't have much time.
by Faraqueer April 19, 2009
the act of updating your status while taking a dump.
guy: what took you so long in the bathroom?

dude: hey, go easy on me, i had to dumpdate...
by Walnut2011 October 18, 2011
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