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"Dumbdumb head" Classifications

Class C ; Someone who (at a single moment) says or does something particularly dumb. However, this lapse in intelligence is only temporary, and can't really be held against them (although making fun of them in appropriate amounts is allowed).

Class B ; Someone who repeatedly says the same "dumb" remark, or repeats the same "dumb" action. However, their actions can be deemed "excusable" if their inner character is legitimate.

Class A; Someone who says or does something so "douchebaggy" that there is nothing that can be said or done for them to redeem themselves. However with extreme retributions, due to an analysis of the situation and the douchebag, this classification can be removed (only with very special permission).

GRANDE Dumbdumb ; Someone who does something completely unacceptable and unforgivable. Removal from this category is impossible.

*Floating on the "lines" between classifications is normal. It is often impossible to completely diagnose someone's "dumbness".

*Dumbdumb head until proven innocent (unless you are a Grande, and there's no turning back)
He screwed her over, therefore he is a dumbdumb head.

"That's the fifth time you've tripped this week, you're a class c dumbdumb head!"
by The Dope Squad March 24, 2007

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