The complete and total act of being a dumbass.
You must be full of dumbassery for sleeping with your best friend's hot sister and letting him find out from her.
by Dankeshane August 20, 2010
Top Definition
The actual actions of a dumbass
"You and your dumbassery almost got us killed!"
by Jevin June 19, 2003
The trappings, accoutrements, and doings of a dumb ass.
Come on guys, let's go home. This sort of dumb assery is going to get us all arrested. Bill, put down that hammer!
by The Real Jack Jones September 14, 2007
when a dumbass engages in foolishery
Costa & Juicy both liked to play drop the soap in prison, proving their dumbassery.
by Jorge L. November 25, 2007
A series of actions performed by one person that can be used to prove that that person is a dumbass.
"Lol, Harry is a dumbass."
"An overdramatic dumbass! Just look at his dumbassery."
by WormtheWorm January 07, 2007
multiple acts of being a dumbass
the act of being a dumbass
1. dude theres no need for that dumbassery
2. the guys on jackass commit dumbassery
by kirigashiran April 24, 2010
The practice of acting foolish or saying something foolish when the circumstance calls for an intelligent response.
The dumb-assery of the press led to an immediate breakdown in communications, causing the riot to escalate into a battle between the police and the citizens.
by Kelley P. December 22, 2008
The act of being a dumbass. Things that are dumbass like. An act of dumbass behavior such as: Pushing someone down a flight of stairs.
by llljjjggg December 06, 2010

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