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Standard British slang meaning someone who is dumb, stupid, annoying, similar to the dumbarse American dumbass.
This is a dumbarse site.
My headmaster is a dumbarse.
The American's have such dumbarsed slang.
by mkk December 24, 2005
1) A person who cannot answer anything in school

2) someone who is literally dumber than an arse

3) a type of donkey that is a slow learner
you failed ur test, your such a dumb arse
that boy's such a dumb arse
Thats not a smart arse thats a dumb arse
by Adchwa March 15, 2008
An insult for silly people or a very stupid person or an idiot. Someone you don't really want to talk to. A person who is just dumb.

Correct spelling for dum ass
Person one: is one plus one one?
Person two: no it's two dumb arse
by Ahsat May 28, 2008
A way to say dumbass in a bit of a diluted manner.
Friend: Those loosers keep dissing Otakus!
Me: What dumbarses!
Friend: I know!
Dumbarses: I hate Otakus! Anime sucks! Japan can go to hell!
*Dumbarses are hit by a druck driven by me*
by Alex W October 12, 2005
v. One who dusnt no aniething, one that caint spwell.
Wow, what a dumbarse she was.
by Carlos August 22, 2004
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