this is 2 all y'all mutha-fuckas who think they block is the shit, y'all mutha-fuckas got the game fucked up. Y'all niggas from the dubbs, dirty-thirtys, 500 block, West oakland & 600 Block. Seven 9 Hunit Been runnin' ur hunit hoe. fuck all y'all mutha-fuckas + 2 dumb ass mexican, latino & white people. Y'all mutha-fuckas ain't shit when it comes 2 black people.
Dumb ass stupid mutha-fuckas
by Smurf 700 Boi November 16, 2004
Top Definition
The above entry is the perfect example of dumb and stupid.
The first definition is not even written in any form of English.
by New Cate May 04, 2005
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