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A phrase coined by folk-hop rapper Why? (Yoni Wolf).

Dumb Hummer refers to a person who unquestioningly supports and glorifies the military to such an extent that they adopt military customs into civilian life.

Someone who drives a Hummer and wears military-issue clothing such as camoflauge and dogtags, but has never been in the armed-services.

These people often spit pro-military rhetoric in a knee-jerk way, without fully thinking through the situation. When questioned about military policy, they will often act as if being attacked and assume a defensive position, never considering the validity of any opinion that differs from their own.

"If you've ever sipped Guinness through a cigarette filter,
or unwittingly tailored your style
after the war-footing of your nation's leaders,
or wore fatigues in a civilian's way,
or fit a Hum-V
through the narrower streets,
downtown seeking parking on a Friday night,
getting lodged in a metal way,
then that's you."

~Why? "Dumb Hummer"
Dumb Hummer: "If you aren't behind our troops, then prepare to stand in front of them."
by fakefakeflowers May 04, 2009
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