The phonetic spelling for "DS", as in Nintendo DS, when you say it like a regular word instead of saying the letters "D" and "S".
This name can be given to any fanatic who obsesses over buying a DS.
Robin: Man I really, really need to buy a DS.
John: Shut up DS, or should I say, Duhs!
by Nig-Marty July 31, 2006
when some one says/asks something and the aanswer is obvious you say duh, it can be used playfully or in a mean way.
u: is 1+1=2?
by no1 U need 2 no February 15, 2009
Duh is an exclamation denoting
room-temperature IQ. It originated in Archie comics, in which there was a stereotypically big, blond, dumb, athlete named Moose. It was said that his brain was in his big toe, implying that the only thing he was good for was kicking a football.

Everything (and I mean everything) that came out of his mouth was prefaced with "Duh!" which demonstrated that he was a complete dolt.

"Duh! Jughead! Stay away from my girl Madge!"
by obsidian butterfly March 29, 2009
A figure of speech people of Westby, Wisconsin say all the time. It doesn't have to make sense and has nothing to do with the common definition: everybody knows that!
Duh! I want to crash that party so bad.

My mom told me I had to clean.
DUH! That's so lame.
by StephronicaMars May 27, 2009
1. A word used when the obvious is stated.

2. It is the sound that a mentally handicapped person makes.

3. A basic unit of measurement of human stupidity. One "duh" is a single unit of stupidity, for example, misplacing your keys would be approximately one duh.
1. 1+1=3, duh.

2.Billie's favorite noise to make is 'DUH!'

3. Liz Hovel is three duhs.
by madtownfunnyman January 11, 2010
Adding this word to the end of a sentence automatically makes the sentence true. Implies the obvious.
The moon is made of cheese, DUH!
by Mznv May 23, 2007
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