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Former bassist of Guns n' Roses and current bassist for velvet revolver.
He used to look cute but now his faces looks kind of bashed up. He is married and has two daughters. Like alot of rockstars, his wife looks similar to him; blonde, tall, and a bashed up face. He is a nice person, the only gunner to be nice to Kurt Cobain. He and Kurt met on the aeroplane and started to have a nice convo, at the end of the ride, Duff offered cobain a ride to his destination but when he turned around, he was gone and the next thing he new was that he had killed himself.
Duff "Rose" McKagan
by Rocket Queen April 09, 2004
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The bassist for guns n' roses for all of their albums except chinese democracy. He is now with Slash in Velvet Revolver. He was a good bassist, and is also a realy nice guy. He now has had to give up the rock star lifestyle since he's married with 2 kids, but he still rocks when he's playing music. never actualy was kicked out of guns n roses- he and Slash, the only original members left, kicked Axl Rose and all the replacement members out in '98. Axl then sued them for the rights to the name, won, and Duff and Slash formed Velvet Revolver. Like the other gunners, duff had trouble with drugs and booze. he now has quit drinking, after his pancreas burst and he learned that any more alchohol would kill him. He's not much of a partier any more, but he's still a realy cool guy.
by king of canada September 05, 2006
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Former GnR bassist. Adorable in the early eighties but kind of bottomed out in the early nineties. His pancreas exploded due to, too much heavy partying and too much drink. Great bassist though, and he's looking real good right now.
Damn son! Duff is looking fine in the 'Slither' video!

Damn that boys pancreas got Duff'd
by Blurgh May 03, 2005
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