2 Like in duece-duece which is a 22 or a gun
i pulled out my duece-duece and poped a cap in his ass
by Maurice January 17, 2003
The Process Of Taking A Shit
BTBDOC>>>Back to Back Dueces On Campus
Tandem Shitting
by Sabe 1 March 09, 2005
a honey thats ugly
damn your girls a duece
by kye-L June 12, 2003
commonly called when smoking weed, to get the 2nd toke of a joint.
Yo man duece on that spliff

nah man i think wheezy already called duece
by Q-shit shack member May 03, 2007
Slang term used to ask if you can get "2 pulls from a cig/Black/blunt ect ect" Anything that envolves smoking really.
Me:A yo my dude, can i get a duece
Guy: Yea hold up (*hands cig*)
Me: *takes 2 pulls , then gives back*
by you gave me cancer August 19, 2006
another word for poo.
Can I used your bathroom, I need to Duece
by Emerald December 17, 2003
az in duece-duece or a 22 oz.
while u in tha store grab me a duece.
by MyssSunshyne November 28, 2003
A way of saying goodbye or giving up on something
Man this paper is wack I'm throwing the deuce on it.
by Don Determinado October 27, 2003
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