When there are way too many dudes and not enough chicks
When you go to a party and it is all drunk guys, thats a dudefest
by Tony Goldsmith March 26, 2008
Top Definition
Dudefest is the best Metal/Hardcore/Grindcore/Crust/Punk/Powerviolence/Doom/Sludge fest in the U.S. It has been held every summer since it's inception in 2003 in the city of Indianopolis in the state of Indiana. Some bands who have played over the past few years include: Pig Destroyer, Iron Lung, Genghis Tron, Kylesa, Hewhocorrupts, Skeletonwitch, Insect Warfare, Sweet Cobra, Torche and more.
Dude, let's fucking RAGE @ Dudefest!!!!
by Rage On July 10, 2008
a assembly of dudes or bros (4 or more dudes that are at least 16 years old) engaging in group activities like playing video games, playing basketball, or shooting pool until late at night without the presence of females. Generally thought to be gay or immature by those not in the group of bros or those jealous because they couldn't be involved. See the synonyms Bro-Fest if the activities were cool or Sausage Fest if they were lame.
Dude 1- "I'm gonna go to the Dude Fest tonight. Are you?"

Dude 2- "We're playing b-ball, right?"

Dude 1- "Yeah."

Dude 2- "Cool, I'll be there."
by MWFWILLWIN April 03, 2011
A party at Notre Dame Senior Week whereby only dudes are allowed to attend. 15 kegs are purchased for competitions that include mortal kombat, keg stands, puke line, full beer flip cup, and keg tossing. If girls enter the premise they are showered with beers and cans. No Penis. No Service.
Dudefest was the greatest fucking party of my college career.
by Dudefest 2011 Participant May 19, 2011
Some chump's description of an Akron/Family show.
This Akron/Family show is a total dudefest!
by Ace_Lazerwing November 02, 2009
Exacly the same as a sausage fest.

A party or social gathering consisting purely of males.
Jay: The party's gonna be the shit, man!
Lachie: DUDE!

===After The Party===

Jay: Man, that sucked!
Lachie: Where were the chicks!? It was a total Dude fest!
by Yaga-Muffin July 26, 2007
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