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Prounounced: Dude-Bro's.

A white male (very similar to a Guido) usually found in the Midwest area of the United States. They will begin most sentences with "Dude" and end it in "Bro".

These males can usually be seen driving pick 'em up truxXx. Wearing the default blue Hurley shirt with the sleeves torn off and the sides of it cut all the way down to reveal the remains of what used to be nice abs (The freshman fifteen are a bitch). These males are usually very conservative and love pussy. They will also give each other pseudo names to "up" their level of cool.

It is also nearly impossible to have a conversation with these guys because they will always talk you in circles.
Chad: Hey man, How's it going?

The Hammer: Hey Bro, Sup Dude?

Chad: Just hanging out at a party.

The Hammer: Hell yes Bro! Fuckin' Right on, dude. Sup man?

Chad: God I fuckin' hate you dudebroze.
by zachary_MIDWEST November 09, 2009
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