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when you are texting on a droid and auto complete fucks your text up and enters that....
Sender: Duckbill
Recipient: WTF!?!?!?!
Sender: Autocomplete...
Recipient: Gay haha
by Fuck your face hard April 28, 2010
The process of shaping ones hand like a duck bill in order to insert into a anal or vaginal cavity. This is often the first step to fisting.
Did you duck bill her first? YEY-UH!!!
by Alex Shrieker January 16, 2011
To smoke a joint when it is down to the roach, since you have to stick out your lips like a duck's bill to hit it.
Yo man, you might get another hit off this, but you just gotta duckbill it

Hey man, you might get a couple more duckbill hits off this, just don't bogart it man.
by M Rockwell August 27, 2006
Another trendy word meaning 'cool'
People look upon my duckbillness and say, "Wow, if only I was as duckbill as him"
by Alan April 22, 2005