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Army slang for someone in the Air Defense function. Equivalent use to the way an infantryman is called a Knuckle Dragger or artillerymen is called a gun bunny except this nickname wasn't defined in Urban Dictionary yet so there ya go.
Soldier 1: I spent my time on a Patriot.

Soldier 2: You were a fucking duck hunter?
by infantryscoming August 19, 2010
When engaging in anal, oral, or vaginal sex, before ejaculating, let female know you are going to ejaculate in or on her. The objective is to shoot her with your semen before she gets away.
I told my girlfriend i was cum on her. So as she was running away i pulled the ole duck hunter on her
by okinawausmc0910 January 10, 2010
Being stalked on social networking sites by desperate individuals.
what a duckhunter! stalking my profile
I am being duckhunted all over the internet
he/she wont leave me along they are really duckhunting me now
by PenkhullPiglet August 01, 2011
One who “hunts” rubber ducky's.
“Julian is 16 and he is going out with a 13 year old, he is such a duck hunter.”

“Mark is 9 years older then his wife, what a duck hunter.”
by Duck Hunter Society of Ayr October 11, 2007
When a man is having his arse licked out, and at the same time the licker strokes the man's cock and cups his balls, to form a position the resembles a duck hunter shooting and reloading a shot gun.
What should happen when you invite a girl to dinner - you should get a Duck Hunter!
by Aussie Stevo November 08, 2006
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